Constitution of Grand Lodge of Lithuania
of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

Part 1

Principles of Freemasonry

Article 1

The Grand Lodge of Lithuania of Ancient Free and Accepted Mason is the union of Freemasons lodges. The Grand Lodge of Lithuania of Ancient Free and Accepted Mason exists by maintaining and advancing the traditions of the Grand Lodge of Lithuania.

Article 2

(1)   Freemasons assemble and work in lodges belonging to the Grand Lodge and seek human perfection based on brotherly and traditional rituals. Showing adequate respect to man’s dignity, they strive for a free disclosure of personality, enshrine the ideals of brotherhood, tolerance, complaisance and scholarship.

(2)   Freedom of belief, thought and liberty of conscience are the most respected values of Freemasons. Free declaration of opinion within the regulations of Freemasonry is a starting point of the work.

 Article 3

(1)   Freemasons are united by the common objective of aspiring and seeking humanistic values – they are not a religious community of any kind.

(2)   In the structure of the Universe Freemasons respect everything that is alive and in the perception of human morality they see that God’s actions are full of wisdom, strength and beauty.

 Article 4

(1)   Only a person who is free and known for his good reputation can be accepted by the brethren as a member, not paying attention to his religious beliefs, political attitudes or social status, unless and until he obligates for the sake of Freemasonry to progress in every step of his life and participate in the community to which they belongs.

(2)   By becoming a Freemason he recognizes and makes a life-long union with other brethren.

 Article 5

The Grand Lodge and lodges belonging to it do not participate in religious or political discussions and do not state any opinion related to these issues.